Removals and Moving from Ireland to the UK

Removals to the UK has never been easier.

We are a Irish based full service household removals company offering fully insured moving services between Ireland and the UK, we have a weekly service to and from the UK serving all Irish and UK cities and towns.

As a Galway based Removal Company allows us to effectively serve the whole of Ireland, providing a cost effective and reliable solution to your needs, specialising in removals to the UK with door to door removals to and from Ireland, we can offer a moving and storage service at very attractive prices.

We offer a storage facility for all our customers (storage and handling charges would apply)

We have a weekly service from Ireland to the UK with trained, uniformed and professional crews with removals specific trucks, all our removals are completed with a minimum of a 2 man crew so our guys will do all the lifting and moving. We will complete a detailed inventory with condition report on collection and on delivery we will place your boxes and furniture in rooms as specified by you, positioning furniture in rooms as required.

With our standard service we will pack mattresses and sofas into new mattresses and sofa bags.

We can also offer a full packing service and unpacking service with removal of used packing materials on delivery. 

Our crews will also disassemble and reassemble basic bedframes and table tops at no additional charge if required.

Some advice on moving to the UK from Ireland

1. Embrace the Differences:

  • While Ireland and the UK share a lot of similarities, there are distinct cultural differences. Embrace the new experiences and learn from them.

2. Be Weather-Ready:

  • Get ready for a bit more rain! Invest in a good waterproof jacket and carry an umbrella. The weather can be unpredictable.

3. Currency Change:

  • Familiarise yourself with the pound. Coins and notes might look different, but they spend the same!

4. Tea and Manners:

  • Brits love their tea. Even if you're not a fan, accept a cuppa when offered. And of course, a 'please' and 'thank you' go a long way.

5. Public Transport:

  • Depending on where you are, public transport might be a big part of your life. Get an Oyster card if you're in London, and get used to train schedules.

6. Healthcare:

  • Understand the NHS system. It's different from what you might be used to, but it's comprehensive. Register with a local GP and keep your health in check.

7. Explore Local Cuisine:

  • Try traditional British dishes. From fish and chips to a full English breakfast, there's a lot to savor.

8. Networking:

  • Join local clubs or groups related to your interests. It's a great way to meet people and build a social circle.

9. Stay Connected:

  • Keep in touch with your Irish roots. Video calls, visits, or even finding local Irish communities can help ease any homesickness.

10. Have Fun:

  • Moving is a big deal, but don't forget to have fun. Explore the UK, visit historical sites, and enjoy the diverse culture.

Remember, it's a new adventure! Embrace it with an open mind and a positive attitude. Best of luck!

Customs Clearance when Moving to the UK

 Please note that you will have to apply for a URN reference number for duty and vat free importation of your household and personal effects, once received you will need to forward teh email with URN reference number to us so that we can clear your effecst through UK customs, please see the online application here:-

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