Removals and Moving from the UK to Ireland

Moving from the UK to Ireland with a Profesional Removals Company has never been easier.

We are a specialist removals company offering a fully insured removals service from the UK to Ireland.

We are an Irish Company based in Ireland offering a weekly service from the UK to Ireland including customs clearnce under a transfer of residence.

We offer full customs clearance facilities.

We offer a storage facility for all our customers (storage and handling charges would apply)

Some advise on moving to Ireland

1. Currency Swap:

  • Goodbye, pounds; hello, euros! Get accustomed to the new currency and the way prices are quoted.

2. Weather Update:

  • Ireland can be a bit milder than the UK, but rain is still a frequent visitor. Keep that raincoat handy!

3. Driving Adjustments:

  • They drive on the left side of the road in both places, but the road signs might be a bit different. Take some time to get used to the Irish road system.

4. Healthcare Transition:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Irish healthcare system. Get your medical records and register with a local GP.

5. Embrace the Craic:

  • 'Craic' is an Irish word for fun or enjoyment. Embrace the Irish sense of humor and the friendly social atmosphere.

6. Housing Hunt:

  • House hunting might differ from the UK. Be patient and explore different neighborhoods before settling.

7. Get Involved:

  • Join local clubs or community groups. The Irish are known for their hospitality, and joining in local activities is a great way to meet people.

8. Language Lingo:

  • While English is spoken, you might hear some Gaelic. Learn a few basic phrases to connect with the locals.

9. Take Advantage of the Scenery:

  • Ireland's landscapes are breathtaking. Explore the countryside and take advantage of the natural beauty.

10. Keep Your British Humor:

  • Brits and Irish share a similar sense of humor. Keep your wit intact, and you'll fit right in.

Remember, it's not just a move; it's a new adventure. Enjoy the journey, the people, and the Irish way of life! Sláinte!

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

  • Copy of Passport
  • Packing list (we will complete detailed inventory with conditon report on collection)
  • C&E1076 Transfer of Residence document
  • Transfer of Residency (TOR) – PPS Declaration Document
  • Documentary evidence of residence abroad for at least one year
  • Documentary evidence of taking up permanent residence in Ireland
  • Resident / Work Permit / Letter of Employment
  • Form 1076 (Diplomats)
  • Lease / Rental Agreement (Diplomats)
  • Letter from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs Protocol Section authorizing release of the consignment from the port (Diplomats)

Specific Information

  • All goods should be in the ownership of the shipper for at least 6 months prior to import
  • Required documents must be received by us prior to the collection
  • Shipper does not need to be present for Customs clearance.
  • Used household goods may be allowed entry on a duty and tax free basis once the TOR has been verified.
  • Imports not deemed qualified as part of a TOR shipment will be subject to duty (variable) and value added tax (VAT) of approximately 23%.

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

  • Original Passport
  • Original Registration
  • Copy of current Insurance Certificate (copy of previous policy documentation is acceptable if no current insurance is in effect)
  • Bill of Sale showing date of purchase and price

Specific Information

  • Vehicles brought into Ireland under TOR rules are not subject to duty or tax.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

  • Alcohol is subject to duties (variable according to type, strength, etc.) and VAT (23%).
  • A Declaration Form is needed prior to arrival of the container and should be loaded at rear of the container for easy access if examination is required.
  • New furniture and household goods (items purchased within 6 months of the date of shipping are subject to Customs duties and VAT of 23%).

Prohibited Items

  • Narcotics
  • Drugs
  • Explosives
  • Pornography
  • Firearms
  • Meat products
  • Live plants
  • Endangered species and any products or parts thereof as outlined by CITES (authorization from CITES is required)

Consignment Instructions

Helpful Website(s):

Please note customs information is suject to change and you should check with Irish Revenue for full details on customs clearance prior to Removal

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